Gym Bully Clothing Company (GBCC) was founded in Philadelphia, 2015. We design athleisure wear that goes beyond your standard fitness gear. We are not reinventing active wear; we are making your experience better.

Gym Bully is a social and image conscious athleisure apparel company.  We stand firm on our ethically established foundation.  Led by morally conscious visionaries, we convey a simple and essential concept, anti-bullying.  Our goal is to build awareness in the community and promote a culture that encourages people to channel their energy in a healthy and positive manner. 

A portion from Gym Bully Clothing profits will go to anti-bullying programs in and around the Philadelphia area.

Clothing with a purpose.


CEO and founder Carlyle Lewis is an Air Force Veteran and former Department of Defense employee with years of combined service performing government level logistics operations at home and in overseas locations. 

In 2008 Carlyle initially created Gym Bully Clothing from his love for the gym, bodybuilding and fitness with the idea to make clothing that was trendy, functional and represented gym culture.  In 2012 while deployed in Afghanistan, Carlyle reinvented the ideals and essence of the company which now focuses on promoting an anti-bullying awareness through a platform of fitness.